Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Well now, just when we thought we couldn't get any happier, we'll have a Taste of The Outing: the Ceili Dance on Saturday night pre-Party, with Eddie McGuinness and Bryan Duggan bringing Lisdoonvarna to Sligo...:-D

New updated programme below...print programmes now available in Sligo and Leitrim and from your local LGBT group...keep spreading the word!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Planning your Northwest Pride? Here's an outline programme, and pick up the printed version with even more inside!! :-D

Tuesday, 4 August 2015



The recent vote for Marriage Equality was a great achievement for LGBT folk -­ but also a bit exhausting. Rural areas, including (famously) Roscommon­-South Leitrim, were tougher than most. We did a great job, we have lots to celebrate -­ and now we really need a good day out!

This Sunday, Northwest Pride will give you exactly that. As a thank you to Yes Equality volunteers and supporters, NW Pride, together with local Yes Equality volunteers is hosting the "YESSSSSSS -­ WE DID IT!" Big Day Out in Lough Key Forest Park, this Sunday, 9th August.

All Yes Equality volunteers and supporters from anywhere in the country are very welcome to attend. People from Longford, Roscommon, Leitrim and Sligo have already told us they'll be there. We'd love YOU to come too!

If there's enough interest, we can get group rates on any of the following attractions:

∙ Boda Borg -­ a physical and mental team challenge for all ages from 7 upwards -­ more info on

∙ The Lough Key Experience: a tour including the underground servant tunnels that are all that remains of Rockingham House; the Moylurg viewing tower, with amazing views of the countryside and Ireland's first Treetop Canopy Walk.

∙ Families with children might like to try the Adventure Play Kingdom, with activities for children of all ages.

Lots of other activities are available at Lough Key -­ from zip wires for the adventurous through to tea and a chat at the Lakeside Cafe for those who like to take things a bit easier! The important thing is to bring us all together for a bit of social time following the slog and camaraderie of the campaign. It's a great place to walk your dog (doggies not allowed in the visitor attractions) and (weather permitting) we hope to havea picnic by the lake.

Should be a great day out for all. Please email to let us know you're coming and which activities you're interested in, so that we can co-­ordinate and get the best possible rates for all -­ should be in the region of €15 per head for those who wish to take part in Boda Borg. Prices for other activities vary, but many are free. The Visitor Centre is wheelchair accessible and Lough Key Experience should also be manageable for wheelchair users. Please email us to discuss what help you might need.

Times are hard -­ we don't want people who worked hard for a Yes vote to be unable to take part in this great day out just because they can't afford it. Due to the generosity of a donor, we can subsidise the costs of Yes Equality volunteers, who may need help to be able to join us. Please let us know when you get in touch whether you can afford to pay some/all/none of your own costs. Transport (wheelchair accessible) will be available from Boyle and Carrick­-on-­Shannon.

Only a few days left so don't delay -­ get in touch today!

"YESSSSSS­ - WE DID IT!" is part of a full weekend of Northwest Pride events in Carrick on Shannon -­ please check out our facebook page for details of other events.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Welcome to the 10th -and probably the LAST EVER - Northwest Pride, a community festival for LGBT people, our families & friends in a largely rural, border area in Ireland. That's right - we ARE out in the bog.

It's not  always easy. There's no "scene" here, just LGBT people, scattered here & there. Refugees from cities, living  on the land; kids too young & poor still to have got to the cities; middle-aged people come home to mind their parents.

But nine times now, we have got together with our friends & families and made with our bare hands something beautiful, that charges us up for another year, something we believe is in the true spirit of Pride - the spirit of Stonewall.

Strangely, people have travelled to be with us. They've come from places that have what we don't have but they've had fun. They LIKE the way we do things. Some of them tell us it's "their favourite Pride." We're glad - it's our favourite Pride too!

Some people say Sligo is the smallest city in the world with its own Pride Parade. But the spirit of Stonewall is alive in our hearts.

We can't keep doing this forever. The young people have no option these days but to go away. Short of a miracle, this will be the last Northwest Pride.

In light of the "debate" currently raging in our country about whether or not we are decent human beings, worthy of being members of families, we have "rebranded" Northwest Pride, to more actively reflect what it has always been. We are Northwest lgbt FAMILY Pride.

You can join us in Carrick-on-Shannon, August 7th-9th and in Sligo, August 19th-23rd.

Our co-founder and current chair, Izzy Kamikaze has written something about love, the marriage referendum, family & Northwest Pride. You can find it here.

See you in August. It'll be SO Northwest Pride! 

Friday, 15 May 2015

It's 2015, and we're ten years old!!

2015 is the 10th Northwest LGBT Pride!!

Parade Sat 22nd August Sligo Town

Pride Events in Leitrim 6 - 9 August and Sligo 19 - 23 August



Thursday, 14 August 2014


We're getting ready for Sligo...banners ironed, cable-ties and gaffer tape packed...and we're clearing our throats ready for the Sligo launch event at The Book Mart, Lower The Mall, Sligo.
Thanks to Donal and Adam at The Book Mart, ILLUMINATIONS will light up the first night of Northwest Pride in Sligo with an all-welcome Open Mike session. Come along and join in...or listen and enjoy...

See you there!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Saturday Night Fever in Carrick on Shannon!

Northwest LGBT Pride presents

Saturday 9th August @ Burke’s Back Bar
Bridge Street, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim

Followed by heats of Ms/Mr Gay Leitrim and then

Al Fresco Disco: Retrosexual!!
100% Vinyl Oldies
Doors open 7.30pm / Quiz 8pm /
All events €10/€8 concessions
                             Disco only (from 10pm) €6